The POOF™ Bed TieDye 100 Pieces Limited Edition

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What's So Special?

We felt it was time to put a little twist on the beloved Original POOF™ Bed. We wanted this Limited Edition to help you bring out your colorful, creative, flamboyant side. We used the same hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory, eco-friendly fibers that proved themselves on the Original POOF™ but, this time, we trimmed the fibers just a little bit to bring out the vibrant TieDye hand-performed in-house for each of the 100 available beds. Trimmed fibers have proven to have their own benefits: durability is increased as there is less to chew and gnaw at and, therefore, less to tear and fall off. Thermoregulatory properties are amplified due to better heat dispersion, especially if your pet's sleeping body temperature is higher than average. Basically, this means this Limited Edition POOF™ Bed feels cozier with less overall material. We hope you enjoy this Limited Edition!

Their Best Sleep Is Just A Click Away.

Just like we do, our furry friends love to have a place they can flop down on after a long hard day of walking, playing and going to the bathroom. However, after having the one bed we buy them get rejected, it's very easy to say that they are simply just "not the bed type." We then proceed to let them sleep with us in our beds or let them find a semi-comfortable spot on our floors. We rarely consider the fact that their rejection of the bed we chose for them could stem from the fact that their sleep needs are not being met.

So, What Do They Need?

See our comprehensive table below!


With POOF™, you, as a pet parent, can rest assured that your furry son or daughter is going to be laying down on something that is proven, in numerous real tests, to help them sleep better, to keep their airways open and to keep them feeling safe while they snooze. We are the first brand that has brought dedicated pet-sleep scientific analysis to the average consumer. Now, their best sleep is just a click away.

Owner's Benefits.

  • Machine Washable: Just toss it in your washing machine and run a cycle on cold, it's that simple!

  • Trendy Design: We designed POOF™ keeping in mind that a pet bed is still a piece of furniture. Therefore, we are proud to offer many different color combinations that will suit any taste.
  • Anti-Slip Base: We developed POOF™ with a sticky base so that when your pet gets on and off repeatedly, the bed won't move around and therefore won't require you to pick it up and replace it frequently.

Buying Tips.

  • Select the size most suitable for your pet then proceed to choose your color. See our size chart for help choosing a size based on your pet's weight. 

  •  If you are torn between two sizes, get the larger of the two. Worst case, your pet has more room to snuggle up!


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