About Us

It's Very Simple.

My motivation has always been very basic and to-the-point: common pet beds never really take into account our pets' real sleep needs, and the ones that do seem to always cost an arm and a leg. So, I wanted to make one that catered to our little ones' sleep needs and our wallets. I did some background research and tested many designs on my own pets to then come to The POOF™ Bed, the product we are so proud to offer to you.

My name is Jason Bresnyk and I am the creator of The POOF™ Bed. But, more importantly, I am a fully invested pet father to my (number) furry sons/daughters: (names) My boys/girls always rejected the beds I would buy them, and I wasn't prepared to spend excessive amounts on beds from more luxurious and innovative brands. So, I decided to make my own bed for them. In doing that, I was able to deduce what they like and what they don't like in a bed. After many tests, I came up with POOF™, a bed that makes it a chore to get them up for their walk in the morning! I'm thankful for my team and my beautiful wife, Melissa, for making this all possible!

Me, my wife Melissa, and our two furry sons   Miami, Florida